You are about to discover a little-known technique for making a more potent herbal oil

This tutorial with Kami is a MUST HAVE if you want to make the most effective oils 

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“I've made herbal oils for over 15 years. Why did I need to watch her videos when I already make good oils? Well, I did watch this workshop and was literally blown away at the oil  I ended up with after learning from Kami. It was the darkest and most medicinal smelling herbal oil I had ever made."

-Jacqueline, California

Discover Little-Known Techniques & Avoid Common Mistakes

Video 1

Let’s make lavender oil together. You’ll learn the techniques that increase shelf life, prevent mold, and extract the relaxing and healing gifts from this plant.

Video 2

Video 3

Join me for a step-by-step deep dive into the comprehensive formula that thousands of my students use to activate healing herbal oils and become an expert oil maker.

Even if you already make good calendula oil that you love, this lesson will rock your world. Don’t settle for mediocre oils, and don't miss this opportunity to learn powerful extraction techniques.

Make the Best Calendula Oil
(for Beginners and 
Long-Time Oil Makers)

Your Instructor

Kami McBride

As a clinical herbalist with 30+ years of experience, I know I can help you maximize the amazing healing benefits of herbal infused oils. I’ve taken thousands of students on this journey and I created this free workshop to help you easily pick up the skills to activate and unlock more healing in your life. You’ll learn the super simple method, using the least amount of effort, for creating the maximum return herbal oil remedy for yourself, your family, and even customers and clients.

Testimonials from Students

"I feel like the oils have been an incredible gateway for me to be more deeply connected to the plants. I have been studying herbs for a while, but feel much more in relationship with the plants I've made oil with. Making the oils has triggered a whole other level of retention and recall with my herbal learning and oil making has helped me get to know the herbs on a much deeper level."


“I’ve been infusing herbal oils and creating body care products for 10 years. I initially thought well, I’ve tried so many different methods for herbal oil infusions, what could she be doing differently? But since learning from Kami, I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my herbal oils, they are darker in color and have a stronger scent of the actual plant. Her skilled, knowledgeable teaching will help you wherever you are on your path with making amazing herbal oil extractions.”


“Kami’s method for making the most precious herbal oils is without a doubt the easiest and quickest method I have found. Every one of the oils I have made following Kami's direction is far superior to any others I made in the past. I couldn't believe the intensity of color and scent! This is for sure my "go to" method for making oils!”


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