Get Ready to Learn Little Known Secrets of Crafting  High Potency Herbal Oils!

Replace less effective commonly used methods with forgotten old-school knowledge that’s better.

Perfect the Art

Master the Process

Support Deep Healing

“Learning from Kami changed the way I care for my skin. Her ways of making and using oils are simply superior to anything else I've learned in all of my herbal studies. I enjoy her approachable, fun  teaching style. Thank you for teaching this 
important information!"

- Aubrey, Indiana

- Aubrey, Indiana

Discover Little-Known Techniques Honor the Plants to their Fullest Potential

Workshop 1

Discover a little-known trick that most medicine makiers are not using that automatically increases the shelf life of your lavender oil (without adding preservatives). Let's go for maxiumum extraction of the relaxing and healing gifts from this plant.

Workshop 2

High Potency Production 101 workshop. Even if you already make great calendula oil, this lesson will rock your world. There is so much more to making great oils than soaking herbs in oil and letting them sit.  Begin the  broad spectrum extraction and oil potency upgrades that you may not even know are possible. 

Workshop 3

Join me for a step-by-step deep dive into the comprehensive formula that thousands of my students use to activate healing herbal oils and become an expert oil maker.

Don’t settle for medium potency oils, and don't miss this opportunity to learn powerful extraction techniques.

Your Instructor

Kami McBride

As a clinical herbalist with 35 years of experience, I know I can help you maximize the amazing healing benefits of herbal infused oils. I’ve taken thousands of students on this journey and I created this free workshop to help you easily pick up the skills to activate and unlock more healing in your life. You’ll learn a super simple method, using the least amount of effort for creating the maximum return herbal oil remedy for yourself, your family, and even customers and clients.

Testimonials from Students

“Your technique to make oils is great in that not only does it produce high quality herbal oils but it also allows you to make them so fast.”

—Andrea G.

"I have a lot of sinus headaches and learning how to use the oils, I have gotten relief. I am so grateful for this knowledge about herbal oils and how to use them in my everyday life. Kami you make this interesting and fun. This has benefited my family and the rewards are endless."

—Marlene R.

“I made oils for 18 years before learning this from Kami. My herbal oils got a huge upgrade that I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you so much!”

—Francesca G.

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